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Professional Category : 


1. Exhibition Planner and Event/Art Management

A plan and with proposal to fulfill different require individual party/group of coordination respondents’ exhibition. Responsible for program categories, to assistant artists or workers, prepare the opening script and exhibition hall space planning.

(ref. refer to Curriculum vitae)  

2. Instructor of Interior Design~Space Planning and Fitting out 

Space planning is one of the most important aspects for usage of space effectively and efficiently whether you are constructing a new official building or a residential home. That special processes and work flows as well as to create a desired image and atmosphere, it should be done in a very professional and effective way.

(ref. refer to personal resume) 


3. Instructor of Creative Art work /Painting/curriculum

 Instructor category: Chinese Ink, Drawing, Watercolor, Acyclic, Oil, Paper Mâché , Creative painting materials intergated, 3D inique mixed media and re-cycling art work etc. 

(ref. refer to portfolios - classes)


4. Event Planner on TV interview/ Event

A plan of action aimed at accomplishing a clear business objective, with details including prepare their script for the opening, coordination respondents’..

(ref. refer to events & video)


5. Sale for works of art

Art works on website portfolios.

(ref. refer to art work-products. please contact us if interesting to purchase)


6. Design pattern for products and fabric 

To design pattern for clients products and fabric by thyme.  

To paint creative pattern on fabric for products so that client can produce products with art work.

(ref. refer to events & video - HKTDC fashion show 2016)




1. 藝術展覽及項目統籌


2. 室內設計~設計概念及空間處理課程導師


3. 創意藝術創作課程導師及設計藝術課程


4. 商業或藝術節目統籌



5. 藝術品銷售


6. 設計及繪畫產品圖案


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